Developers top the list of most in-demand tech jobs in Canada

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The skills gap in the technology and IT sector in Canada is no secret, with the Information and Communications Technology Council pointing out that the country needs to fill more than 182,000 information and communications technology positions by 2019 to stay competitive.

In particular, the positions of developer, software developer and software architect are the most in demand jobs for Canadian companies, according to, one of Canada’s top job search sites. The website’s list of most sought-after workers is dominated by the high skill roles of developers and tech engineers, as seen below.

The most in-demand tech positions in Canada, as per

“Tech has a highly competitive job market,” Jodi Kasten, managing director at Indeed Canada, explains in an Apr. 12 company press release. “For job seekers, information about demand and mismatch provides insight into how much leverage they have when negotiating with employers but also which areas within the tech job market have the best opportunities.”

She adds that for tech employers, this indicates how important it is for them to expand their talent pool and find the right balance of incentives to attract top talent.”

“Nowadays this can mean a lot more than just offering a healthy compensation package,” Kasten adds. also released a list of the hardest tech jobs to fill, or positions open on its site for more than 60 days, which was also topped by developer positions.

The hardest technology positions to fill in Canada, as per


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