Westminster, Colo.-based RFID reader maker SkyeTek Inc. and San Jose, Calif.-based chip manufacturer Atmel Corp. have joined forces to release a Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) demonstration kit aimed at boosting adoption of the technology.

The combination of SkyeTek’s M2 SkyeModule and Atmel’s cryptographic RF tag is aimed at giving companies a quick demonstration and proof-of-concept development when integrating their RFID applications or products. The CryptoRF demo kit is targeted at industries that are reliant on secure applications such as contactless payment, product authentication, patient safety and patron management.

For example, the customers will be able to embed RFID into their products using the CryptoRF tag as well as take advantage of the chips tracking abilities with the SkyeTek M2 reader.

The demo kit is available now and is priced at US $295.