Seven-step enterprise DST checklist

The new DST (daylight-saving time) is drawing near. Do you think you’re ready? Run down this checklist to be sure.

Faulty Microsoft Exchange DST patch may ’cause problems’

Daylight Saving Time (DST) shift this weekend may result in some unpleasant surprises for Microsoft Exchange 2003 users if they’ve relied on patch instructions issued by Microsoft, says a Canadian analyst firm.

Companies busy with last minute DST fixes

In an informal electronic poll conducted during Computerworld’s Premiere 100 IT Leaders Conference, only 52 percent of 327 respondents said they had completed all of their preparations for the time change. 39 per cent said they’re still in the midst of DST remediation work, while four per cent said they haven’t even started yet.

Last minute patches as DST draws nigh

IT vendors are still posting last-minute software and hardware fixes to resolve any problems associated with the time change, which goes into effect at 2 a.m. local time this coming Sunday.

Clock ticking for IT with daylight saving time shift

Industry analysts say IT administrators need not torture themselves with visions of systems crashing and markets collapsing when most of North America springs forward one hour on March 11 and IT systems are not updated or patched to reflect this time change.

Impact of daylight saving time shift ‘won’t be cosmetic’

The daylight saving time shift that will kick in this weekend is a “sleeper event” whose impact hasn’t yet been fully grasped, says a Canadian executive. The event has been flying under the radar – but its potential fallout should not be minimized, according to Roger Hamshaw, director of channel marketing at Fusepoint Managed Services Inc., a Mississauga-based provider of managed IT services.

Daylight savings – a nusiance, but no calamity

Many executives and enterprise IT professionals contacted say that the Daylight Savings Time change, while a nuisance, is no Y2K, and they expect few disruptions to their businesses come Monday.