A glitch with Air Canada’s Web site over the weekend had “no impact” on customer information, according to the airline.

Last Thursday, users trying to use Air Canada’s Web site to book flights or log into their Aeroplan accounts were met with error messages.

On the online forum FlyerTalk, a user posted a message on the weekend quoting the error message he received: “NOTICE: aircanada.com member sign in is temporarily unavailable. Customers may continue to make regular bookings on aircanada.com by continuing as a guest on the Review Flight Details page.”

According to the posting, the message advised flight pass holders to try again later or to contact Air Canada reservations.

John Reber, Air Canada’s manager for media relations, wrote in an e-mail to ComputerWorld Canada: “Air Canada operations were not affected during this time, and there was no impact on customer information.”

Regular flight bookings were not affected either, as users could log in as a guest.

He added an “outage” occurred last Thursday during “routine maintenance” of the database, and the system was restored Sunday.

Some users got worried. One posted a message: “An outage of this length might imply some kind of data corruption issue: Check your balances!” However, Reber said no customer’s data was affected.

“Our priority at all times was to ensure that data was appropriately safeguarded and that thorough testing was conducted to make sure that, once restored, the system would run smoothly,” he stated in a message to ComputerWorld Canada.

“Back-up systems in place were used as they were meant, to bring systems back online with data restored.”

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