As organizations collect and store more information, data integration is becoming increasingly problematic. Nearly 70 percent of respondents to a recent global survey of IT professional and business users called data integration a high or very high inhibitor of new-application implementation.

Along with industry-expert interviews, the survey was used as the basis of a new report from The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) entitled, Data Integration: Using ETL, EAI, and EII Tools to Create an Integrated Enterprise. The report evaluates the recent evolution of data integration tools and methodologies, from both a data warehousing perspective and an enterprise-wide strategy standpoint.

The survey also found that the top three data integration issues faced by corporations are: data quality and security, lack of a business case and inadequate funding, and a poor data integration infrastructure.

It also found that large organizations are evolving toward enterprise-wide data integration architecture, whereas midsize companies tend to focus on data integration from a business intelligence (BI) viewpoint, evaluating data integration products on their ability to fit in with the company’s existing BI infrastructure.

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