Computer Sciences unveils virtual desktop


Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC) is using technology from Citrix Systems Inc. of Santa Barbara, Calif. to offer a virtual desktop product. CSC Dynamic Desktop lets companies store applications and data on servers.

El Segundo, Calif.-based CSC claims Dynamic Desktop lets users run different systems, which were previously incompatible, at the same time. It lets employees access applications hosted behind firewalls, and they can also access them from remote locations. It also lets staff refresh desktops or make systems available to new users without touching their machines. Dynamic Desktop is based on Citrix’s XenDesktop, which includes secure sockets layer virtual private networking (SSL VPN) to let users log on securely.

Citrix inherited XenDesktop from Xensource, which it acquired last summer.

CSC claims the Dynamic Desktop helps reduce energy consumption and makes it easier to comply with business laws and recover from disasters.


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