CompTIA launches a new cybersecurity analyst certification worldwide

Certification exam | photo from gettyimages

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) has updated its cybersecurity analyst (CySA+) certification exam, the association announced this week.

The new exam applies behavioural analytics to the information technology (IT) security market, validating an IT professional’s ability to defend and continuously improve the overall state of organizational security. It addresses changes in the cybersecurity environment, tasks related to IT regulatory standards, and the need for security analysts to be more proactive with their defence and threat intelligence, according to a press release.

The exam also stresses software security because of the rapid growth of risks in the development of applications and software. There is also increased emphasis on embedded IoT devices, cloud security environments and automation.

“The new certification was added because IT professionals who earn the CompTIA CySA+ credentials have demonstrated the knowledge and skills required to leverage intelligence and threat detection techniques, analyze and interpret data, identify and address vulnerabilities, suggest preventive measures, and effectively respond to and recover from incidents,” CompTIA’s director of corporate communications told the publication in an email. 

He also wrote that the organization is stepping in to help IT professionals strengthen their defences against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which are becoming more frequent. The association is offering DDoS Guide for IT Pros, which is a free resource that provides comprehensive information on DDoS threats. It also explains how to correct vulnerabilities and recognize warning signs and identifies tools and tactics to prevent attacks or minimizes their damage.



Introduced in February 2017, CompTIA says the CompTIA CySA+ certification is the only intermediate high-stakes cybersecurity analyst certification exam that includes both hands-on, performance-based questions and multiple-choice questions focused on the ability to proactively capture, monitor, and respond to network traffic findings.

“Cybersecurity professionals must expand their vigilance and preparation for incidents and threats that are happening beyond the confines of the security operations center,” said Lane.

Along with the updated exam, new official CompTIA content educational resources are available for students and instructors on its website, and CompTIA noted that it will release additional learning resources in the press release.



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