Cisco upgrades TelePresence management tools


Imagine not having to call the IT department to make those last minute adjustments just as your videoconferencing sessions is about to start because one of the participants is having trouble to connect to the session with his or her mobile device.

This and other videoconferencing traffic management woes is what Cisco Systems aims to address with the company’s upgrade of its TelePresence Server and TelePresence Conductor products.

Software upgrade will enable TelePresence products to make changes to network device based on the session requirements.

For instance, the software is able to recognize the requirements of endpoint devices used by the session participants and provision more bandwidth to devices using big high-definition screens and less bandwidth to smaller devices such as smart phones. The software can provide this “intelligent” resource allocation to non-Cisco devices as long as the device complies with codec industry standards.


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Cisco is also poised to deliver by the end of this month, an upgrade to its Medianet Services Interface. The MSI is a software component embedded in video endpoints and collaboration apps which enhances network resource usage based on policies and configurations set by IT administrators.

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