Intel Corp. announced Monday that it will provide flash memory for a number of communications technologies made by networking specialist Cisco Systems Inc.

Content stored in flash memory chips can be rewritten and remains stored after the chip’s device has been turned off. Flash memory is used in a wide variety of products, including mobile phones, MP3 music players and handheld devices. Toshiba Corp. named the technology for its ability to be erased quickly.

Cisco agreed to a three-year deal for the purchase of high-density flash memory devices from Intel for use with cable modems, desktop switches and low-end routers.

Intel designed its first flash chips, using 0.18-micron technology in April of last year. The company plans to produce four times as many flash megabytes in 2001 as it did in 1999, according to a statement.

Cisco Systems Inc., in San Jose, Calif., can be reached at Intel, in Santa Clara, Calif., can be reached at or