The problem with the information age is it doesn’t care about money: Many organizations have been strapped for cash, which mean penny-pinching in IT departments. Nevertheless, data keeps flowing in like water through a fire hose. Pity the poor CIO.
Not so, says Jim Goodnight, the chief executive officer of SAS Institute, who addressed this recently in a speech reported on by ComputerWorld  U.S. In it, he said chief information officers are the people who have the skills to consolidate all that data.
(Data centre illustration from Shutterstock)
“It’s really the CIO’s role today to have this data all staged in a way that business users can access easily and quickly,” said Goodnight.
It may sound trite, but it’s another argument for making sure IT sits at the table with management to help co-ordinate the demands of the business side with technology.
At any rate, it’s nice to see someone recognizing that the CIO is more than a knife-swinger.