Chloride Group PLC has released a new UPS module aimed at addressing the need for secure electrical power in data centre environments.

According to Chloride, the 90-NET 750 kVA three-phase on-line UPS system is easily paralleled for increased capacity and redundancy. Another key feature of the 90-NET 750, the company said, is the integration of a true online double conversion topology. This ensures clean and regulated power for critical loads by efficiently converting incoming AC power from the mains to a direct current rail that feeds the inverter.

“For data centres, hospitals, commercial buildings and other network infrastructures using either conventional or advanced blade servers, the 90-NET 750 represents the ideal combination of reliability and value,” Joe Nitiss, president at Chloride North America, said in a release.

The 90-NET 750 is available now in single and multi-module systems.