Published: December 13th, 2001

Being a reader/collector of books it is with some interest that I read Poonam Khanna’s editorial in ComputerWorld Canada (“E-books don’t cover the full experience” August 10, page 12)..I worry at times that my “collection” will become a dinosaur and all my favourite bookstores (new and especially used – second-hand) will disappear.

So I always have a twinkle in my eye when I read something negative about e-books!! I even remember Bill Gates saying something along the lines -that he likes to have a hardcopy when an e-mail is over three to four pages in length.

To me it is much more pleasurable reading and flipping the pages of a book than scrolling a huge bulk of text. There is the intangible 3D quality of a book – size,look , weight and especially that smell of musty pages!

But I have to add that I do enjoy book sites on the internet – ABEbooks is especially great when searching for out-of-print books.

Take care

Michael Brunet


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