Canadian TV broadcasters tune in to second screen


The trend towards accessing television content on devices other than a TV set is pushing Canadian broadcasters to provide programs on the so-called “second screen,” an industry catch phrase for tablets, smart phones and computer devices.

“We’ve become entertainment multi-taskers, using smart phones and tablets to stream content and to stay plugged into social media,” according to David Purdy, senior vice-president of content for Rogers Communications Inc.
The survey found that majority of Canadians are accessing TV entertainment on smart phones and tables and using social media to “enhance their viewing.”
The survey released by Rogers this month, indicated that seven out of 10 Canadians who own a smart phone or computer use one of these devices while watching television. They use the “second screen” to check on information about the show they are watching on TV, update their social media status and text friends.

A report from the daily newspaper Toronto Star said Global TV is among the first broadcasters to take advantage of the trend. It has paired with Twitter’s Amplify program. Amplify tweets promotional items related to TV programs.


Bell, twitter partner in social analytics move

Global was soon followed by CTV which used Twitter for television industry research. Shaw Communications is also now using Twitter’s Amplify program to promote advertisements.

Channel Zero, parent company of CHCH Television, also announced a controlling interest in ANDPOP Inc., a social media company, according to the Star.

Learn more about Roger’s survey here 

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