The recently established Secure Networked Storage Advisory Council was created to better anticipate storage security needs, according to Council Chair and Kasten Chase Senior Vice-President Hari Venkatacharya.

The Toronto-based industry think-tank will provide both storage vendors and customers a forum for dialogue and the ability to establish best practices for secure networked storage implementation, Venkatacharya said in a statement Thursday.

The Secure Networked Storage Advisory Council reflects “the growing awareness of the vulnerabilities to stored data assets within enterprise organizations,” Venkatacharya said, adding that the group will also tackle emerging storage issues such as interoperability and standards.

“Storage networks contain vast and ever-increasing volumes of sensitive, business-critical data…Advisory Council partners bring significant expertise and experience in storage networks, and our collaborative efforts will help us better anticipate emerging security requirements, and in turn, shape the future of our secure networked storage solutions,” Venkatacharya added.

Both the storage vendor community and end-user groups make up the Advisory Council; members include Kasten Chase, Xerox Canada, Hitachi Data Systems Canada, FalconStor Canada, StorageTek Canada and Brocade Communications Systems.

“We anticipate considerable interest in the work of the Council…this should be of particular interest to government, the financial services sector, banks and brokerages in particular, and the healthcare industry,” Venkatacharya said.

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