Canada must continue to improve and not become complacent to remain a world leader in the use of information and communication technologies, according to a recent applied research organization survey.

The Conference Board of Canada’s annual Connectedness Index found the country needs to focus on improving in three key areas, including broadband services, content and wireless.

Canada is a leader in broadband services and can continue by upgrading its content, according to Brian Guthrie, director of innovation and knowledge management at the Conference Board.

The study found that Canadians trailed only the U.S. in its use of information and communications technologies (ICTs). The four sectors that most benefited from Canada’s strength in connectedness were: health, education and learning, business and government.

Canada was ranked first in its use of online banking, government online services and broadband penetration, according to the study. Businesses like financial institutions are taking advantage of technology’s ability to lower costs and better interact with customers, the study found.