Islandia, N.Y-based CA Inc.’s plan to acquire Orchestria Corp. will allow customers to combine data loss prevention (DLP) technology with its own identity and access management offerings in a way that’s not currently done, a company executive said.

Currently, technologies in the identity management space – identity, role and access management and provisioning – provide “a certain part of the solution” to the problem of data access and what can be potentially done with that data, said Bill Mann, senior vice-president with CA’s security management group.

DLP provides a different set of solutions to this challenge, said Mann, “but at a different level of the infrastructure within the organization.” And, at present, DLP is not tied to identities and roles, he said.

“This acquisition is really motivated by the need for us to really serve the purpose of enterprises that are concerned about protecting confidential data, intellectual property, and so forth,” he said.

Mann said acquiring the New York-based DLP vendor puts CA in “a very, very good position” vis-

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