Computer Associates International Inc. Tuesday released the Jasmine ii Portal, a tool that can link internal and external users with information via the Web.

The Jasmine ii Portal provides access to the entire range of content available across corporate networks and the Internet, including such essential resources as Web pages, real-time data feeds, Microsoft Office and Excel documents, e-mail, corporate applications and databases.

One of the beta testers for the Jasmine ii Portal, the Utah court system, has significantly reduced the number of steps necessary to acquire critical data, eliminating the need for two full-time workers, said court system employee Robert Turner, a management analyst.

“Our court system hinges on free, yet secure, availability of information for a variety of users. But because of inadequate tools, we were really doing things the hard way,” Turner said in a press release. “Now, users can simply open their ‘news page’ or go to a certain channel and access the resources they need.”

At a teleconference, Turner said he had no significant problems during beta testing.

Although portal technology isn’t new, a report from Robert Frances Group Inc. in Westport, Conn., said enterprise information technology vendors like Islandia, N.Y.-based CA, IBM Corp. and Oracle Corp. have portal software products specifically designed for large corporations to integrate into their IT infrastructures.

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