Published: December 12th, 2002

Prosoft Engineering Inc. has released NetWare Client for Mac OS X – IP Edition 1.1, the latest version of their software to enable Mac OS X-equipped systems to connect to a Novell Inc. IP-based network. NetWare Client for Mac OS X – IP Edition enables Mac OS X users to authenticate and use Novell NetWare natively using the IP protocol, without having to use AppleTalk as well. It supports native NCP file handling, NDS browsing for finding and authenticating to NetWare servers, and support for NSS volumes with file sizes of up to eight Terabytes. NetWare Client for Mac OS X – IP Edition costs US$149 for a single-user license.

Making a point

IBM Corp.’s Tivoli Risk Manager software is extending its so-called “autonomic” or self-healing capabilities to include Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.’s VPN-1/Firewall-1 Next Generation software, according to a statement last month from Check Point. Tivoli Risk Manager is a security management product that allows network administrators to monitor heterogeneous network software and hardware for security-related incidents or vulnerabilities. The product was already compatible with Check Point’s VPN-1/FireWall-1 product, but the latest announcement heralds an even closer integration of the two products that will allow Tivoli Risk Manager to completely control the Check Point software.

Security on a budget

Network administrators interested in a compact set of network monitoring tools might want to check out TamoSoft Inc.’s Essential NetTools Version 3.1. The US$29.95 product comprises 10 utilities to increase a company’s network security and reliability. The utilities include: NetStat, which displays a computer’s inbound and outbound traffic; PortScan, which scans your network for open ports; and RawTCP, which offers the capability to create low-level connections for network troubleshooting and provides a graphical display of the results. Also part of the package is a pair of NetBIOS-oriented monitoring and auditing tools and a shared resource monitor.

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