Enterprise users of cloud storage service, Box will have access to more content tracking controls thanks following the company’s acquisition of data analytics startup dLoop.

Terms of the deal but the cloud storage company released a statement yesterday confirming that dLoop’s co-founder has joined Box.

“We’ve recently acquired the technology behind a company called dLoop, which provides advanced data analytics to easily discover content and capture insights from within an enterprise,” said Sam Schillace, vice-president of engineering for Box in a blog post. “Joining Box from dLoop is its co-founder Divya Jain, who is leading the advanced content analysts and data classification efforts here at Box.”

Schillace said dLoop will provide Box with “new enterprise controls that provide admins greater safeguards around enterprise content.”

He said dLoops technology is able to generate continuous document graphs and clusters from unstructured content with the use of machine-learning algorithms.

“This technology helps discover documents that are normally unreachable by searching or pattern matching solutions, strengthening cloud security and increasing visibility of high value content,” Schillace said. “Instead of forcing enterprise admins to rely on easily breakable search strings and regular expressions, Box will automatically locate related content that they need to use.”

Secure cloud-based storage has become important for enterprise organizations in recent years as users increasingly store and share content as well as collaborate on projects online. Some of the leading cloud storage vendors include Citrix System, Dropbox, EMC and Box. Many users consider Box to have an excellent content protection and management features.

Box’s offering enables IT administrators to protect critical content while providing users with the flexibility to choose the devices, apps and platforms to use.