Companies are increasingly turning to records management software to manage compliance with laws and regulations, but common mistakes can undermine software deployments from the start and increase compliance risks, according to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software provider Open Text Corporation.

The company recently released several recommendations that can help companies improve their records management planning from the start and set them on course for successful enterprise-wide compliance. The recommendations include:

Focus on business processes: Recognize that records management is a business process issue, not a technology issue. Understand how compliance can become a part of the way people work, not another job on top of it. The IT department should be closely involved, but business owners should define the project charter and funding formula, and sponsor the initiative.

Present the bigger ROI picture: When looking for buy-in, define the benefits of the system not just in terms of cost savings, but also in terms of broader corporate compliance.

Use what’s already created to get a head start: Take advantage of existing records management work and expand it into the broader compliance landscape.

Align records management with your corporate ECM strategy: How can records management rules be applied across email, images, Web content, physical records, and more? This helps identify which problems can be solved in the short, medium, and long term, and what budget allocation is required.

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