Bell adds another CDMA/GSM handset, BlackBerry software for small businesses


Bell has added another smartphone that runs on two networks to its offerings. The Samsung ACE is a Windows Mobile-based handset that offers both global voice and data service and access on Bell’s CDMA network in North America and on GSM/GPRS networks outside the continent.

That includes voice roaming in more than 180 countries and data roaming in more than 100. The ACE supports Bell’s Mobile e-mail service that includes one business and up to four personal e-mail addresses, as well as full personal information management capabilities such as calendar, contacts, tasks and notes. The handset has a full QWERTY keyboard, 128 MB of read-only memory, 64 MB of RAM, expandable memory of up to 2 MB of expandable memory through microSD cards, a digital camera/camcorder, speakerphone and Bluetooth compatibility.

The Samsung ACE is available for $199.95 on a three-year contract.

Free sharing software for BlackBerry users

Bell is now making availaible BlackBerry Unite! software for small businesses and families to stay in touch, collaborate, keep organized and share content. The new software from Research In Motion is a free download that runs on a PC and provides groups of up to five BlackBerry smartphone users with mobile access to a shared calendar, shared contacts, pictures, documents, and other desktop computer content. Customizable settings allow for centralized control of smartphone uses for each individual, such as the ability to restrict long distance calls by area code, or prevent access to the internet.

The software requires a data plan and minimum system requirements apply. It is available at no extra charge for clients with BlackBerry E-mail and Internet 25 and above rate plans from Bell.


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