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You don’t always mean what you say in a text message – and sometimes you only realize after it’s been sent.

To minimize those ‘oops’ moments BlackBerry has tweaked its BBM messaging service by adding new privacy and control features. They include

–Message RetractionA messsage can be removed before or after it has been read so that it is no longer in the BBM chat. However, if a recipient has taken a screenshot or made a copy before the message is retracted it remains.

–Timed Messages: By setting a timer users can control how long messages and pictures sent can be viewed within BBM. The message is hidden until the recipient touches and holds on the chat. Then, once the timer has expired (or if the recipient takes their finger off the screen), the message is no longer visible. However, a screenshot of the image or message can be taken. If so BBM notifies the sender.

Timed Messages and Message Retraction are premium features that BlackBerry [TSX: BB] will charge for after an initial free three month trial period. They will be part of a broader bundle of features that will be offered as part of a BBM subscription, one of the ways BlackBerry is trying to monetize BBM.

“These capabilities will allow our users to be more creative in how they deliver their messages while also being confident that their content is kept private and seen only by its intended recipient,” John Sims, BlackBerry’s president of global enterprise services, said in a statement.

In addition, BBM has added three new features. When a user receives a picture in BBM, they can quickly request an HD version, the way to browse BB Stickers and add them to chats has been made easier and users can now see what music contacts are listening to. If they want, iPhone users of BBM can tap the song and be taken to iTunes.