Aviva releases Vista-based host access software


Aviva Inc. has launched a Windows Vista compatible release of its IBM mainframe, AS/400, DEC and UNIX connectivity software.

The Montreal-based company said the Aviva for Desktop version 11 will provide the functionality needed to give IT managers enhanced security and manageability within the Vista environment.

“Aviva for Desktops version 11 with Microsoft Windows Vista support will immediately address the demand for tightened security, enhanced user experience and out of the box .NET support that are just some of the enhancements in Microsoft Windows Vista, Valerio Lanzieri, president and CEO at Aviva Inc., said. “We feel that these are the initiatives that are required by our customers to continue to leverage their valuable mainframe assets. Aviva for Desktops version 11 will continue to provide our users with the same secure and reliable connectivity at an affordable cost.”

Aviva for Desktops 11 is now available.


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