A New York District judge makes a landmark decision regarding YouTube and the Fair Use Act, Amazon will close its significant acquisition of Whole Foods on Monday and immediately slash prices, and a recent Samsung smart TV update has rendered TV’s unusable.

From Reddit – After an eighteen month long legal battle a New York District judge ruled in favor of popular YouTube channel H3H3 Productions who had been accused of copyright infringement, misrepresentation, and defamation by another YouTuber they made a parody video of. H3H3 husband and wife team Ethan and Hila Klein, defended their use of this content as fair use, the legal principle that protects use of copyrighted material for such purposes as commentary, criticism, parody, news reporting, and research. This is an extremely important victory for the case of Fair Use, with many YouTubers and company’s such as ourselves, relying on video footage from third parties.

From Twitter – Amazon will complete its $13.7 billion dollar purchase of Whole Foods Market on Monday, and it will immediately slash the organic grocery chains prices on nearly every product. Amazon also announced that after the technical integration work is complete, Amazon Prime will become Whole Food’s customer rewards program that will provide Prime members with special savings and other in-store benefits. Additionally, the array of Whole Foods products will be available through Amazon.com, AmazonFresh, Prime Pantry, and Prime Now, AND customers can now have products shipped from Amazon.com to their local Whole Foods.

And from Reddit once more – If you recently purchased a Samsung smart TV, the latest software update may have rendered it useless, with thousands of owners reporting that it has left their TVs blank and unusable. While problems with software updates aren’t unusual, Samsung customers are in an uproar due to the fact that Samsung has yet to comment on this development other than to say that it is working on the problem. No updates have been given since the initial acknowledgement of the problem seven days ago. Yikes. Looks like Samsung isn’t just out of the mud yet.