Hashtag Trending is double stuffed today with Google revealing Android 8.0, or Android Oreo. Uber has won a ruling allowing it to prevent customers from suing in court. And solar eclipse wins on Twitter.

From Twitter – Google has revealed the next big update to the Android operating system Android 8.0 will be dubbed Android Oreo. New features include picture-in-picture messaging, meaning Android Oreo users can text, browse the web, and read emails while watching YouTube videos or video chatting, and improving the base security of the operating system with Google Play Protect that will detect and remove harmful apps. Google says that it will be scanning more than 50 billion apps on 2 billion devices a day. Plus, new emojis!

From Reddit – Uber has won a ruling allowing it to prevent customers from suing it in court. That’s right, you heard that correctly. The second court of appeals for the southern district of new york overturned a lower court’s decision that Uber’s online user agreement doesn’t give customer’s enough of a notice that their legal disputes with Uber must be settled in arbitration. Essentially, by using the Uber app, you are waiving your right to sue the company in court. And Uber isn’t the only company with this clause in its user agreement. AirBnB, Netflix and Amazon have arbitration policies as well.

And from Twitter once more – People all across North America were exposed to the latest solar eclipse yesterday, and you could catch the whole thing via Twitter. The social media platform teamed up with the Weather Network to experience the total solar eclipse as it blazed a path through the continent. This was by all means a success for the platform as the company continues to try and prove that live streaming massive events like this solar eclipse are meant to be on twitter. Plus, where else are you going to find the Moon’s twitter account blocking the Sun’s account?