Astaro Corp.’s Security Gateway has now hit version 7.2, with improvements that allow IT managers to recognize, classify and block Skype connections and other popular instant messaging and peer-to-peer programs.

Version 7.2 providers granular access control down to the user level, the Boston-based company said, while also supporting quality of service bandwidth control. Skype communications can either be blocked or receive notice of connection attempts. Bandwidth limits can be specified for certain protocols such as BitTorrent.

Astaro customers can download the upgrade from the company’s site. Security Gateway is available as a virtual appliance or installed on the company’s hardware.

WildPackets boosts Omnipeek performance

WildPackets, Inc., has enhanced its OmniPeek network analysis product so it can simultaneously capture and analyze wireless data from multiple channels in real time. This is an important step forward in monitoring and maintaining wireless networks, the company said, especially for wireless VoIP installations.

WildPackets partnered with chipset maker Ralink Technologies to develop OmniPeek’s support for USB wireless cards, which serve as the wireless packet capture devices.

OmniPeek interfaces directly to multiple wireless cards configured to capture data from individual channels.It executes multiple captures concurrently and aggregates the channel data in a rolling graphical display.

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