Are your cloud vendors full of hot air?


What do you really think of your organization’s vendors?

Are they “slick” and “more committed to style over substance”? Do they sucker you into buying software that doesn’t solve your problems?

Those are the charges Brad Peters fires at some of the biggest names is enterprise computing in a column this week.

But we need some disclosure here: Peters is CEO and co-founder of a San Francisco-based cloud analytics provider and is therefore no friend of bigger competitors.
His column was sparked by the rise in the price Oracle Corp. stock after the company’s most recent positive earnings were released, which the market credits to its push into cloud computing. Wall Street, he suggests, suddenly realizes the Cloud isn’t just hot air.

I won’t get into whether financial analysts really understand the cloud. But Peters’ provocative rant does raise the question of whether IT managers agree that the giants of the industry aren’t innovative, aren’t selling applications that solve their problems but are involved in a “shell game.”

We’d like to hear your thoughts.

Read the whole column here.


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