There’s no shortage of apps in Apple’s App Store for people doing specialized tasks.

Magenium Solutions, an Illinois company that until now has concentrated on IT services, has created a new one for iPads running iOS7 to help a wide range of field workers to organize photos, written notes and audio comments.

Called GatherNote, the company says it’s more than a repository for projects because users can add annotations, draw dimensions and pin information to photos.

“When people are ‘out in the field’ for their respective jobs, they don’t always have access to tools or resources to properly organize their projects,”  Eric Reiner, Magenium’s vice-president of custom development said in a news release. GatherNote gives people like architects, engineering, construction, real estate, designers, insurance claims workers and others a tool to capture the essentials, he said.

Features include

–Nested Content  gives the ability to nest content (images inside of images);

–Tagging lets users add tagged information to placed pins, such as names, numbers or prices. Choose from the standard tag library or create custom tags;

–Search and filter lets users retrieve project information;

–The ability to e-mail PDFs.

For a limited time the app has an introductory price of US$4.99.