America Online Latin America Inc. (AOLA) has upgraded its wireless e-mail service for mobile phone users in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, the company said Thursday. The service, based on WAP (wireless access protocol), offers a handful of new features, including access to address books and mail search and sort capabilities.

The move is part of the company’s AOL Anywhere strategy, which seeks to move AOL services beyond the PC. AOL WAP Mail 1.1 offers users the added ability to access, edit and update address books, as well as sort and search through their mail via a new user interface.

The updated wireless mail service also offers what the company calls “Fast Messages,” which allows users to write and save text messages on their PCs that can be accessed and used over their cell phones to compose e-mail messages. AOLA said that this feature allows users to save time, and trouble, typing long messages over their phones.

Although the company did not disclose how many wireless users it had in the region, AOLA said last November that it had reached 1.15 million total users.

AOL Latin America, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, can be reached at +1-954-689-3000 or at