In the latest of a string of high-level departures, Anil Khatod has resigned as Nortel Networks Corp.’s chief marketing and strategy officer after less than three months on the job.

A reason for Khatod’s departure, which comes as Brampton, Ont.-based Nortel eliminates 30,000 positions and gets set to record a US$19.2 billion loss for the second quarter, was not available at press time. Nortel spokespeople did not return calls and Khatod could not be reached.

Khatod was responsible for Nortel’s business and technology strategies, including acquisitions, investments, alliances, and global marketing and communications. Khatod follows three other top-level executives – including COO Clarence Chandran, CTO Bill Hawe and eBusiness Solutions President Bill Conner – out the door in recent months as Nortel’s financial fortunes sag in light of sharply reduced carrier spending.

Also, Nortel is still searching for a candidate to replace CEO John Roth when he resigns next April.

It is unclear who, if anyone, will succeed Khatod. His position was just created when he was appointed to it in April.

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