Crediting the release of the seventh version of its software for its continued growth, America Online Inc. said Friday that its rolls now boast more than 33 million members.

AOL 7.0, which was released in October, is used by nearly half of all AOL users, with 45 per cent of AOL sessions in the U.S. employing it, the company said. In addition, AOL said that on average, its users are spending nearly 70 minutes online per day and are spending that time with the company’s multimedia content. For example, 2.3 million streams of Britney Spears’s new video, I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman, were recently viewed in a single day, AOL said.

The company also said that it has completed rollout of its broadband service over corporate sibling Time Warner Cable Inc.’s high-speed Internet lines in the cable company’s top 20 markets. AOL will offer AOL High-Speed, its broadband service, in all of Time Warner Cable’s markets next year, AOL said.

AOL Time Warner, in New York, can be reached at


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