Ontario’s Kanata North Business Association launches new platform to grow local tech cluster


Kanata North Business Association (KNBA), representing The Kanata North Technology Park this week introduced Discover Technata 2.0 platform, which aims to attract 28,000 thousand tech professionals from around the world to the international tech cluster. 

The platform will consist of talent roadshows, virtual career fairs and a job board. The association says that the job board will bring together over 500 companies with tens of thousands of job seekers, becoming a one-stop-shop for those seeking opportunities in Ontario’s Kanata North – an area that’s showing remarkable growth and employment activity

The Discover Technata 2.0 platform is one of the components of the association’s Discover Technata Talent Recovery Plan to further position Kanata North as one of the world’s leading international destinations for tech professionals, the association noted in a Dec. 2 press release. The program is being spearheaded by Jamie Petten, the president and executive director of KNBA.

“Kanata North is a globally significant technology innovation cluster and a major contributor to Ontario and Ottawa’s respective economies. KNBA remains focused on initiatives that will foster innovation within the city of Ottawa. We aim to further position this region as one of the worlds’ leading tech capitals by helping drive the growth of the business area,” said Petten in the press release. “At the same time, we’re offering greater opportunities to talented professionals from around the world, and giving them a chance to thrive in our innovation center.”

Earlier in October, Discover Technata’s virtual career fair had more than 17,000 registrants, connecting skilled individuals with these companies. KNBA will still be hosting a virtual roadshow under the Discover Technata brand to market these burgeoning tech opportunities to those in Toronto, Waterloo, Montreal, and Vancouver. 

The Kanata North Technology Park is home to over 540 companies and is known as a world leader in the global application economy with a number of sub-sectors thriving daily within the park, including communications, 5G wireless networking, software-as-a-service, connected and autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, assembly and manufacturing, cybersecurity, and more. 

Emerging startups, such as Youi.tv, Solace, and Martello, as well as leading multinationals including Blackberry QNX, Nokia, Ericsson, Cienna, Mitel and Huawei, have all chosen to anchor many of their key R&D activities within the tech cluster.

Ninety per cent of telecom tech research development worldwide happens in Kanata North Technology Park, and the sector creates around $2.42B of annual revenue in the City of Ottawa. Other industries that have been thriving in the tech park include the software development, data and cloud services industry; defence, security, and aerospace; life sciences; manufacturing, engineering, industrial, and system design; semiconductor; cleantech; and VARS and parts suppliers.


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