5 qualities of a great analytics vendor


With the increasing use of analytics tools in business, you would think that it would be very easy by now to track down a vendor that can help your company reap the most benefit out of an analytics implementation.

However, tales of project delays, implementation scope reduction, poor systems integration, cost overruns, inadequate customer and training support and just plain bad service, still abound.

So how does an organization go about finding the right analytics vendor?


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Big data and business intelligence online publication Smart Data Collective recently came up with a list of five key traits to look for in an analytics vendor:

Talent to develop business-led solutions – An analytics vendor must have the ability to understand your company’s particular business problems and generate analytics solutions to deal with them. The ideal vendor would have hired and invested in the training of staff to develop domain expertise as well as front-end engagement skills. Check out if the vendor’s have people who can articulate their approach to the business problem you present them

Up-to-date industry knowledge – New technologies and processes are continually being introduced in the analytics market. You need to hire a vendor who can help you navigate the landscape littered with big data buzz, open source options and virtualization visions. Find out if the vendor can help you determine which systems will really benefit your organization.

Find out what else you need to look for in an analytics vendor here




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