AWS-3 spectrum auction rules to favour small wireless players

The Government of Canada today took steps to streamline its next spectrum auction and introduced some mechanisms that would provide smaller players a head start over the nation’s so-called "big three" incumbents. The

Published on: July 7th, 2014 Nestor E. Arellano

CRTC releases draft of new wireless code

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) called on the public to share their views on a draft  wireless service code for the nation which the commission released today.   The draft code included

Published on: January 28th, 2013

Tighter cell tower rules come to Saskatoon

There is a need for public consultation before companies can build cell towers near people’s homes in Saskatoon, according to new guidelines set by the city’s council.City council voted on Monday in favour

Published on: January 22nd, 2013

Counting telecom beans

Travelex Currency Services Inc. has been in the foreign exchange business for years helping travelers across the globe. In the past, while the company could help vacationers exchange currency, it couldn’t quite get

Published on: November 10th, 2005 Vanessa Ho

SlipStream aims to accelerate wireless carriers

With the same techonology SlipStream Data Inc. employs to help ISPs get a faster Internet connection for their customers, the Waterloo, Ont.-based company announced last month it would address similar needs for wireless

Published on: September 1st, 2005 Vanessa Ho

Number portability: Customers should take their time

Customers excited about switching their wireless carriers after number portability went into effect Monday may want to take a breath and take their time.A new U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rule allows wireless

Published on: November 27th, 2003 Grant Gross

Carriers ink Wi-Fi deal

Mobile customers of Canada's four major mobility service providers will have greater freedom in the use of their Wi-Fi-enabled devices after the firms hammered out an interoperability agreement last month.Bell Mobility, Microcell Solutions,

Published on: September 19th, 2003 Lindsay Bruce

Heavyweights lining up wireless partners

Working under the assumption that wireless will drive profits, Microsoft Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., and Motorola Inc. are busy lining up companies with the know-how to extend and deploy enterprise applications to a

Published on: December 11th, 2001 Ephraim Schwartz

Nokia, Borland partner in platform battle

New battle lines are forming as mobile-device manufacturers seek to boost their software development expertise for delivering high-speed wireless voice and data services. Reflecting new market opportunities ahead, Nokia Corp. announced this week

Published on: November 25th, 2001 Ephraim Schwartz and Laura Rohde