Going virtual raises storage-management issues

If you're an IT executive, chances are you're already thinking about storage virtualization. Nearly one-quarter of companies with at least 500 employees have deployed storage virtualization products already, and another 55% plan to

Published on: August 21st, 2008 Jon Brodkin

New Sun code transforms x86 servers into storage arrays

Sun Microsystems is set to unveil Friday open source software that can repurpose any OpenSolaris-based x86 server into a block-based storage device capable of emulating the physical characteristics of a storage array.Sun contributed

Published on: June 11th, 2008 Brian Fonseca

Global IT spending to drop: Forrester

BOSTON - Forrester Research has changed its 2008 forecast for IT purchasing around the world, cutting its prediction by three points on the assumption of what it calls a mild U.S. recession. The

Published on: February 11th, 2008 Chris Kanaracus

iPods can pose risk to company security, warns CEO

COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLEThe recent buzz about security threats posed by iPods to corporations has reinforced the need for IT managers to treat these devices like any other removable media that employees with

Published on: April 10th, 2007 Cara Garretson

Oracle offers lifecycle data management tool

COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLEOracle Corp. Monday unveiled a new management tool to help its database users determine when to move, archive and delete data. Oracle has been developing Information Lifecycle Management Assistant, a

Published on: February 26th, 2007 China Martens

EMC is going virtual

EMC Corp. opened the door to storage virtualization with the an

Published on: June 9th, 2005 Tom Venetis

A brush of data management genius

ICI Canada Inc. makes paint, but judging by the amount of paper the company was going through a few years ago, you might have figured it was in the forestry products industry.ICI Canada,

Published on: June 30th, 2004 Stefan Dubowski

COMDEX : Gateway unveils SAN, NAS storage products

BOSTON - Gateway Inc. launched three new enterprise storage devices, including its first entry into the SAN (storage-area network) and NAS (network-attached storage) market, at Comdex on Tuesday in Las Vegas. The Poway,

Published on: November 17th, 2003 Tom Krazit

Network Appliance snaps up Spinnaker

Storage system firm Network Appliance Inc. purchased Spinnaker Networks Inc. on Tuesday in a move designed to bolster Network Appliance's plans to offer storage grids. Storage grids would allow companies to use their

Published on: November 11th, 2003 Michael Martin