The fashionable world of IT

I write Network World (US)'s Web Applications e-mail newsletter, and in a recent issue on Viador, a company offering a general-purpose tool for building portals, I wrote the following as a means of

Published on: July 27th, 2000 Mark Gibbs


Does your dream vacation involve relaxing by the pool, a luxury suite with a breathtaking view, all the fine dining you can handle, and, oh yeah, a seminar on Perl?If so, then you

Published on: June 17th, 1999 Michael MacMillan

Python putting the squeeze on other VHLLs

It's only natural for a python snake to squeeze the breath out of its prey before devouring it.Python the programming language isn't devouring its prey/competition just yet, but it is rumoured to be

Published on: March 11th, 1999 Liam Lahey