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Online Fraud: Why Passwords Aren’t Enough

It’s time to plan for the demise of the password. According to Forrester Research, the use of passwords to access...

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DDoS Attack Brick Wall

Rio Games faced olympic-sized DDoS attacks

Major public events with an online presence -- like political or IT conventions and sports championships -- can be targets...

September 1st, 2016 Howard Solomon


Canada’s police chiefs: “We need laws that force cybercriminals to reveal their passwords”

The news that Canada’s police chiefs are advocating for federal laws that would compel individuals to provide electronic passwords with...

August 18th, 2016 Ryan Patrick

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Citrix says customers of remote PC access service stung by password re-use

Good IT security doesn't only mean using technology the right way. It also means employees have to follow safe practices,...

June 21st, 2016 Howard Solomon

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Beware of automated credential-stuffing attacks, says vendor

Automation is both the saviour and the bane of CISOs. The saviour because it will help them defend against ever-sophisticated...

March 9th, 2016 Howard Solomon

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NASA breach shows again that brute force password attacks work

It isn't uncommon for hackers to boast about their exploits; it adds a bit of credibility to their work. So...

February 2nd, 2016 Howard Solomon


Seven tips for creating a better password policy

In the not too-distance future passwords will disappear, replaced by biometrics, smart phones and other tricks. Until then system administrators...

October 30th, 2015 Howard Solomon

Data breach notification in Canada

End the tyranny of passwords

We all know how much of a bad idea writing down complex passwords is. Yet people do it all the time....

October 28th, 2015 IT World Canada Staff


Researchers find a way to improve password protection

IBM researchers in Zurich hope they've found a way to solve one of the great vexing problems for CISOs: Making...

October 19th, 2015 Howard Solomon