ITWC photo by Howard Solomon

Firms will be ‘crushed’ if public loses trust over their data, warns Cicso exec

No one doubts that the so-called Internet of Things is going to expand exponentially in the next decade. But, a...

May 15th, 2015 Howard Solomon

Big Data and Analytics

Bit Stew hopes to automate oil sands with $17.2m in funding

Could the Internet of Things bring more efficiency to Alberta’s oilfields? Vancouver company Bit Stew Systems hopes so, and it...

May 14th, 2015 Danny Bradbury

Internet of Things

Inside the Internet of Things: The things, and the everything

Back in ancient history, I saw this guy’s email address – 32AK4#56ZD@compuserve (or something like that), and thought this has...

May 8th, 2015 Max Spindle

IoT internet of things

The PC’s saviour may be the Internet of Things

One of the best sentences to come out of Michael Dell’s mouth: “The PC isn’t dead.” Beautiful. It’s really easy...

May 7th, 2015 Stuart Crawford

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: Changing the Role and Relevance of IT Teams

Download “Cloud Computing: Changing the Role and Relevance of IT Teams” for more on how cloud models are transforming business...

May 4th, 2015 IT World Canada Team

Wearable technology in the workplace

From BYOD to BYOW: Bringing wearable devices to work

Wearables are not just accessories or gadgets for fashion or fitness, but they actually are productivity tools for getting work...

May 3rd, 2015 Tamer Marzouk

Internet of Things Canada IDC

Closing the skills gap for the $19 trillion Internet of Things opportunity

MONTREAL – Cisco Systems has been consistent on the market value of the Internet of Everything for two years now:...

May 1st, 2015 Paolo Del Nibletto

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Security and privacy concerns raised around Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) may offer vast improvements in convenience and efficiency, but how secure is it, and do...

April 30th, 2015 Danny Bradbury


Internet of Things will be an over $6.5 billion market in Canada by 2018

According to a new forecast from IDC Canada, the Canadian Internet of Things (IoT) addressable market will be worth more...

April 22nd, 2015 Jeff Jedras