Smart thermometers, digital assistants, security cameras and wireless routers are transforming the way we work and live. Caught up in the excitement, business and IT leaders are focused on leveraging new technologies for competitive advantage, often failing to grasp that their connected devices leave the door open for all manner of cybercriminals.

Security is critical in this IoT era, where decisions are increasingly driven by data, yet many connected devices and appliances come with little or no built-in security, nothing in the way of software updates, and easy-to-crack default passwords. With 127 more IoT devices coming online every second, there’s a steady stream of new vulnerabilities and points of attack.

The latest research from a number of cyber security firms that the average IoT device was attacked once every two minutes at times of peak activity. The major change noted in 2019 was that attacks now involve smart light bulbs and virtual voice assistants in addition to routers and wireless cameras.

Experts agree that IoT will never be completely secure, but users have a responsibility to do whatever they can to protect their network. The difficulty lies in putting in place the endpoint security required to handle the billions of devices in the enterprise ecosystem.

As smart organizations look for answers, a great place to begin is on June 24th, when ITWC CIO and Chief Digital Officer Jim Love and Check Point Software Technologies Head of Engineering Robert Falzon explore the ways businesses can benefit from the IoT revolution without sacrificing security. In this hour-long webinar, Tips for weathering the coming IoT storm, Love and Falzon will provide valuable insights on identifying common vulnerabilities in your network, and developing a strategy for securing current and future endpoints.

Want to get a clear view of the current state of IoT deployments in enterprises? Want to find that critical and often elusive bridge between technology, employee productivity, and security? Register now for “Tips for weathering the coming IoT storm.”

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