One of these four corporate culture types are a death trap for CIOs

Most of the numbers are what you might expect: less than 45 per cent of CIOs have a seat at the CEO’s table. Between 70 and 80 per cent of their time is

Published on: March 27th, 2014 Shane Schick

The hierarchical paradigm meets the collaborative operating system

After years of work, study and research, my developed inherent quality management principles (noted here) among other advocated a need to: promote professionalism and transparency, and increasingly make quality a mindset, while removing

Published on: September 5th, 2013 Ron Richard

Dispatch from the technology culture wars

It's an election year, so you're going to hear a lot about the "culture wars." You know: The endless battle between conservative and progressive values. I want to discuss the culture wars too

Published on: May 10th, 2012 Mike Elgan

Feds legacy IT threatens service delivery, hiring

The Auditor General of Canada’s 2010 Spring Report says the federal government is failing to modernize aging IT systems. One expert warns this has serious implications on hiring and service delivery.  While the report’s

Published on: April 21st, 2010 Kathleen Lau

What endures from a manager’s career

As managers, we all get caught up in the daily exigencies of the job. Subordinates constantly ask for or need direction. Bosses demand status updates and results. Clients and users want us to

Published on: November 16th, 2009 Paul Glen

How to assess corporate culture

Help!How can I assess a potential employer's office space to determine whether its corporate culture suits me?Elaine Varelas is managing partner at Keystone Partners and has over 20 years experience in career-development consulting.Always:

Published on: October 16th, 2009 IDG News Service

IT, users should learn to be nice

I have a theory. The major reason why there is often great tension between IT and the user population is because users don't understand IT and what it does, so IT becomes isolated

Published on: October 4th, 2001 Mark Gibbs