Unleashing IT: Big Data

Download this magazine today for strategies, experiences and solutions for maximizing the value of enterprise data....

January 6th, 2015 IT World Canada Team


Five Secrets of Highly Effective Data Centres

Learn about the five important strategies Cisco observed companies using to overcome the limitations of traditional IT infrastructure and transform...

January 6th, 2015 IT World Canada Team


Unleashing IT: Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure

Download today and learn why aCI is an entirely new approach for how systems are built, automated, and administered...

January 6th, 2015 IT World Canada Team


Fast 50 companies shine light on tech trends

Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 has a few things to teach CIOs this year. The annual award, which highlights the most...

November 26th, 2014 Danny Bradbury

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.40.01 AM.png

Forget the 2015 IT plan. Here’s where CIOs should be by 2020

I find it really hard to believe any country can claim 52 percent of their organizations have created a new...

November 19th, 2014 Shane Schick

Sidebar: Workload automation tools

The three things holding back BC’s tech industry

British Columbia’s technology industry is outperforming most of the province’s other sectors still lags behind tech sectors in other provinces,...

November 13th, 2014 Danny Bradbury

CIO innovation workshop

I made a room full of CIOs do this exercise (and they loved it!)

"Thirty minutes should be enough time for anyone to innovate," I said. The CIOs around me laughed, but maybe only...

October 7th, 2014 Shane Schick

big data analytics Canada CIOs

How 35 Canadian CIOs are sizing up big data and analytics issues

I had to rent a car to attend the invite-only CIO Innovation Summit that's taking place this week in Muskoka,...

September 29th, 2014 Shane Schick

Light Bulbs - 1 Lit

A book on innovation worth keeping

The Innovator’s Method - Bringing the Lean Startup Into Your Organization Nathan Furr and Jeff Dyer Harvard Business Review Press...

August 27th, 2014 Jim Love