Security concerns stifle mobile commerce: Survey

Despite the efforts telecommunications carriers have made in increasing the capacity of their wireless cellular networks, a recent survey indicates most Canadians are not using their smart phones or mobile devices for electronic

Published on: August 18th, 2010 Greg Meckbach

Rogers won’t do unlimited data for iPad

Apple Inc. started taking online orders for the iPad through the Canadian Apple Store today and Rogers Communications Inc. followed up by announcing iPad data plans that go into effect when the iPad starts shipping

Published on: May 10th, 2010 Jennifer Kavur

Apple dishes new iPad details on 3G, iBooks

The availability of pre-orders isn’t the only new development in iPad-land. Apple Inc. also updated its site with a plethora of new details about its latest and greatest device, from information on the 3G networking

Published on: March 12th, 2010 Dan Moren

3G buildouts push up U.S. mobile network investment

Mobile networks may not be getting upgraded as fast as some subscribers would like, but carrier spending on infrastructure is expected to rebound slightly this year after falling in 2009.Revenue from sales of

Published on: March 10th, 2010 Stephen Lawson

Watching the creative destruction of the mobile industry at MWC

The mobile device and infrastructure industries continued their familiar yet increasingly complex dance at last week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona: Consumers and enterprises receive ever more devices to choose from, while carriers

Published on: February 22nd, 2010 John Cox

Huawei still eyes developed markets from outside

Chinese networking giant Huawei Technologies has struggled to break into developed markets for communications equipment, despite long-standing fear among the vendor's Western rivals that it could overtake their business, according to analysts.Revenue at

Published on: October 26th, 2009 Owen Fletcher

Services will arrive in Latin America in late 2003 at best

Latin America's first 3G (third generation) networks will be deployed in late 2003 in the most advanced markets while smaller markets may have to wait until 2005, according to a Yankee Group Inc.

Published on: December 4th, 2001 Juan Carlos Perez