Paperwork, and Jim Henson’s commercial for IBM
I've been covering the IT sector as a journalist for about 12 years now, but it didn't take that long to observe that the problems most businesses face, and that vendors and partners seek to address with technology, don't seem to change all that much. That's not to say new innovation doesn't occur — it absolutely does, even if most progress is largely incremental. When it comes to broad architectures though, while the names may change, the broad underlying concepts can be traced back often by decades. How many names have the ideas behind cloud computing had?
 These were the thoughts that went through my mind as I watched The Paperwork Explosion, a film that The Henson Company (better known for The Muppets) made for IBM in 1967. Swap in the products for their contemporaries and the message would stand up today pretty well. The more thing change…

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