Today marks a new era for IT World Canada, and it’s reflected in the fresh new Web site you’re viewing right now.

We’ve always been Canada’s leading source of information technology content. Now, we’re presenting it in a more easily digestible form.

Gone are the silos of content types, stories, videos and slideshows in separate sections. Topic hubs gather content of all types by area of interest. We’ve long been able to use a variety of media to tell stories. Now, they’re easier to find.

If you want to browse by content type, we’ve provided a row of tabs for News, Videos, Slide Shows, and much more at the top of the page. Browse recent articles by scrolling down the list on the right of the page until you find what interests you. When you do, feel free to share it — we’ve made that easier, too, with social media buttons throughout the site.

And the new IT World Canada site can be experienced fully on even the smallest mobile device. Our HTML 5-based responsive design adapts to the size of your browser to provide the optimum presentation for any size screen, whether it’s desktop, notebook, tablet or smart phone.

So dig in and experience how our new design eases your access to the news and information you need on the Canadian information technology scene. When you combine the new features and functionality available today with our unwavering focus on Canadian news and information, we believe there’s no better place to get the information you need to do business and succeed.

Staff reporter Candice So interviewed IT World Canada’s lead designer Jeff Radecki about the ideas and concepts behind the Web site’s transformation. To hear the interview, click here:

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