Stirling JobSURF

Stirling Systems Group LLC announced the release of JobSURF, a web-based product that interfaces with AutoSys. According to Stirling officials JobSURF allows users to have real-time graphical monitoring from any machine with a web browser. AutoSys is a job scheduler for distributed Unix and Windows NT environments. JobSURF installation requires three components – a Windows web server, an ODBC driver to connect to the AutoSys server, and a java-enabled Web browser. The software has reporting features to identify failed job histories or performance bottlenecks, with point-n-click reporting. JobSURF provides AutoSys security by allowing user-specific permissions to be assigned. JobSURF for AutoSys, is available now starting at US$3,450. To download an evaluation copy or for more details, go to Stirling Systems, of

Prices listed are in US currency.