Shark tank


Dial ‘I’ for ID

Exec complains to pilot fish that people at work are ducking his phone calls. “I figured he must be calling one of the few people who have the new phones with Caller ID,” says fish. “I told him to dial 9 for an outside line, then dial the number and see if they answered. Our Caller ID doesn’t work for calls from an outside line.” Two days later, fish gets a memo: It’s now against company policy to use an outside line to make an intraoffice call. Sighs fish, “It never dawned on me until then that the only people with Caller ID displays on their phones are the top brass!”

Hot stuff

Pilot fish gets a call from the company controller, who says his monitor is making a hissing sound. “He was afraid of the monitor exploding right in front of him while he was working,” fish says. “Upon close examination, I noticed that his thermos was next to the monitor. I tightened the thermos’s top and the hissing stopped. He was very grateful.”


Exec is at a conference and using her mobile phone to check e-mail. “At a break, she’s scrolling through her in-box with the thumbwheel so fast that the thumbwheel makes a ZZZzzzZZZzzz noise,” says a pilot fish watching. “A white-haired gentleman leans over to her and, in all seriousness, says, ‘I didn’t know you had to wind up those things!’”

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