Personal pain preferred over troubleshooting

A recent survey by data protection reporting and compliance solution vendor Bocada Inc. revealed some startling feedback about how IT pros feel about the headaches of backup.

Close to 20 per cent of respondents said they would rather “shave their head with a cheese grater” than hunt down sources of backup error and inefficiency, while 16 per cent would prefer to “chew on tinfoil,” and an additional 12% would rather eat “day old sushi.”

“We’re not surprised by the results of the survey, but the level of frustration and futility expressed by the respondents is far greater than we expected,” said Drake Pruitt, Bocada’s vice-president of marketing, in a statement.

Bocada also asked survey subjects to rank their feelings toward the loss of various personal and professional items. Seventy-eight per cent of respondents said they would be most upset by the loss of one of their customer information databases, compared to the loss of their own wedding band (36 per cent) or field-level tickets to game seven of the World Series (32 per cent).