Ontario HPC network brings arts school president on board

Ontario’s high-performance computing network is bringing a multimedia artist best known for running the province’s postsecondary school in creative work to its board of directors.

The Optical Regional Advanced Network of Ontario (ORANO), a non-profit organization which runs the Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (ORION), said it had tapped Sara Diamond to join its team. Diamond is the president of the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD), which has used ORION for a number of inter-disciplinary projects.

Last year, for example, OCAD turned to ORION when it experimented with technology’s ability to bring visuals over great distances by transmitting camera footage over Internet Protocol (IP) in dual sets of data at 25 Mbps, for a combined 50 Mbps, to Concordia University in Montreal and Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

Diamond was picked, according to ORANO, for her unique expertise and work in spearheading the Digital Futures Initiative, a program that links knowledge in art and design to emerging digital forms and technologies. OCAD is also a partner in the Consortium on New Media, Culture, and Entertainment R&D in the Toronto Region (CONCERT), which supports the advancement of a regional innovation network to build R&D capacity within the entertainment and creative sector.

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