Here is your first scenario:

Your organization is finally creating video content, yet your marketing budget has only increased three-four per cent year-over-year.

Your challenge is how you can gain ROI in a highly fragmented video ecosystem with so many channels.

First, you need to be very strategic. Figure out, at a granular level who is the best demographic to yield conversions.

Second, You need to create high-quality content.

Third, you must maximize your video asset value by collaborating everywhere that makes sense, without blowing your small budget.

Your distribution strategy might be very different than what you are used to. We all know the regulars. YouTube. Facebook, Google+ and Instagram.

By creating your best personas you have helped in making the right choices for efficiency and investment of dollars and time.

As an example, did you consider Viber, a Voice Over IP and instant messaging app for mobile devices. Why Viber? Well, considering where your potential clients are snacking it allows for the exchange of audio, video and images between users with 600 million registered.

Or perhaps StumbleUpon is a choice that should be in your marketing mix. It’s a discovery engine that finds and recommends content for its 25 million users. Wouldn’t it be nice to also have recommendations without paying to be everywhere.

So, identify your audience. Then do your research to find out where they are consuming content.
Choose your platforms carefully. Be agile, Test and Prove ROI by investing moderately until you understand the medium. As McLuhan said, The medium is the message.

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