It all makes sense now

This is in support of your note of July 13 (“Tasteless comments aren’t helping matters” ComputerWorld Canada, page 8). But it was not always this way. When I started in IT, it was not yet a “real” occupation. (That means it was not yet a man thing.) The people in IT were in this because it was a challenge. Most were educated in a different discipline, e.g. physics, chemistry, engineering, etc. At that time there was no IT curriculum anywhere (including Waterloo). There were more women in “IT” than men. They were also more clever than men. Unfortunately, times changed. IT became a “profession” and the men took over. The basic tenets have not changed. Women still tend to be more clever then the “average” male (witness the stupid advertising), and I have learned over the years, women are more reliable and hardworking. No wonder men try to keep them out…

Peter van der Kloot